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About 2ya
Transfer your domain to 2Ya for just $14.95. This price includes an extension of your current registration term for an additional year, or you can add even more years for just $14.95 per year! This is $5 less per year than our current renewal price.

All domain's receive our suite of domain services such as URL forwarding with Masking, email forwarding and DNS controls included at no additional cost.

At this time we are only taking Palpal payments for transfers while we move to a new billing system.

Domain Name to be Transferred:
2Ya Username:
Additional Years

The central registry will deny domain transfers if your domain was registered for the first time at your current registrar within the last 60 days. If you have recently registered a domain, wait 60 days from your registration date before transferring.

Your domain name must have more than 10 days before it expires at your current registrar, or the central registry will deny the transfer. If you're domain expires within 10 days, you will have to renew your domain at your current registrar before transferring it to 2Ya.

Do not let your domain name expire at your current registrar with hopes that you can just register it again with us. If your domain name expires, after 10 days it will then go into a redemption period for up to 4 months before it is then released to the public, and at that time someone else may grab it before you do.

Should a domain transfer be unsuccessful your payment is refunded.

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