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If you just want a domain name to point your website, you can do that at a very competitive price with 2Ya. But 2Ya has much more to offer. If you need the most out of your domain name, you get the most versatile and complete feature set at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Some of these features being unique in our business. No registrar out there has the expandability we offer, at any price.

* URL Forwarding
URL forwarding allows you to forward your domain to any URL. For example: If you have a geocities website or free webspace from AOL or another provider, you can forward to that URL address. Also works with online business sites that usually give you a long, ugly, impersonalized URL to refer leads to. Should you ever wish to change website providers, simply update your account and forward it to the new location instantly.

The following features are included free. Unlike other providers we don't claim to offer free URL Forwarding then charge more for or not provide the following:

  • No limits on traffic volume.
  • URL Masking option keeps your domain in the address bar.
  • Customize your Title Tag and Meta Tag info for better search engine and directory placement.
  • No pop-ups, frames or other advertisements.
  • Path fowarding allows you to forward to specific pages, paths, or files on your site (on the fly!) by simply appending the path or file on the end of your domain.
  • Subdomain creation. (see Subdomain Forwarding below).

    Learn More about URL Forwarding.
    View Screen Shot of URL Forwarding Sample Setup.

    * Subdomain Forwarding
    Same as URL Forwarding but allows you to create up to 100 subdomains such as something.yourname.com, and forward that to a specific page on your site or to any URL or site you choose. You can give or sell these to customers, friends or family or use them for yourself. This can be extremely useful in linking to external pages and retaining your webaddress, for example: guestbook.yourname.com could be forwarded to the URL of your guest book provider! Submit multiple keyword subdomains to search engines for more better placement potential.

    Create a "catch-all" subdomain so that *anything*.yourname.com that isn't already assigned a location, will forward where you want it. This prevents lost traffic from typos such as wwww.yourname.com (extra "w") and allows for an infinite number of subdomains to be used. You can personalize Meta Tags and use path forwarding on all subdomains.
    View Screen Shot of Subdomain Forwarding Sample Setup.

    * Email Forwarding
    Create up to 100 email addresses such as, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and point them individualy to any email address you choose. If you have a hotmail or AOL address for example, you can have email forwarded there. These can be edited anytime by you. Never again have to change your email address! You can also create a "catch-all" so that [email protected] including misspellings will be forwarded to the address of your choice. This allows an infinate number of addresses without having to preconfigure them in your account.
    View Screen Shot of Email Forwarding Sample Setup.

    * DNS Services
    Our DNS Controls are a breakthrough in the domain name industry. Our technology partner has spent years pioneering this service and we make it available to you. It allows for near real time (approximately 4 seconds) changes to your domain name instead of having to wait 12 to 24 hours needed for most domain registrars or the "several days" by some hosting providers.

    You have complete and total access to your DNS records including:

    A (Address) Using this type of record allows you to associate a host with an IP address. The IP address that you use does not have to be on your network. For example, you could have the host record for www point to (the address for the Microsoft web site). You can also use this to eliminate having to route your domain through your host's DNS (assigning your domain to their name servers) by pointing it directly to the IP of the server you are hosted on. You have full control!

    MXE (Mail Easy) Using a mail record allows you to specify the address of the mail server that you want to handle all incoming mail. You can use multiple mail servers and specify preferences if you wish.

    MX (Mail) Can be either a host name under your domain name (for example, "mail3") or the name of a mail server (for example, "mail.myhost.com.").

    CNAME (Alias) An alias record type is used to associate a host name with another host. The host that you wish to point to does not have to be on your network. For example, you could have the host record for www point to www.microsoft.com.

    * Domain Parking
    Don't have a website yet? Easily "park" your domain at a page you can customize until you build your site. If you just want to take advantage of our email services, you don't have to ever build a site. Some customers just place some basic "business card" type info on their parking page and leave it at that. Alternatively, if you are purchasing a name you plan on selling — you can make a for sale page and list your email address which can of course be, [email protected] (see
    email forwarding).

    If domain parking is a feature you know you will be taking advantage of, know that unlike every registrar we've seen, we don't fill your parking page to the brim with advertisements and actually allow you to customize a message to display. Many registrars make a good living off of advertising hundreds of links on their customers parking pages.

    * Domain Lockdown
    Prevent anyone from attempting to hijack your domain by locking it down so that it can not be transferred to other registrars without you first unlocking. This is rare but can happen if someone is able to hack your email account and confirm transfer orders. With domain lockdown, this is not possible.

    * Control Panel
    We have put an enormous amount of time and thought into creating a control panel that is extremely user-friendly. We don't assume you know anything, we have built our site for the beginner. Detailed help boxes and easy to follow tutorials are presented for every single domain option and service. If you still need help, you can browse or search an in-depth knowledge base which is continualy updated. For any unanswered questions or problems, 2Ya tech support is ready to help
    View Screen Shot of Control Panel Example.

    *    Domain Blend
    Having trouble finding that perfect name? Domain Blend will take a term and blend it with other words to generate domain name suggestions. Click here to give it a go.

    * Domain Transfers
    If you have a domain registered with any other provider, transfer it to 2Ya for the discounted price of $14.95. This includes a 1 year extension on your registration. For example, if you have 7 months left with another registrar, after transferring to us your domain will have 1 year and 7 months before renewal is needed. Renewals are at the normal price of $19.95. By consolidating your domains here, you can manage them all with the Domain Portfolio and control panel. You will know when they expire and will no longer have to worry about logging into other registrars to renew and manage them separately.
    Click Here to start a Transfer.

    * Domain Portfolio
    Manage multiple domains with ease. See when they expire, set them to auto-renew or renew them ahead of time with just a few clicks.

    * Choose from 11 TLD's
    Not only can you register .com names, but 2Ya offers 10 other Top Level Domains. All domain's include our free services.
    Click here for the list

    * Dynamic IP Updater
    NOTE: This service is in place, however we have yet to make it's activation automatic. If you wish to use this service, send us an
    email and we will set it up for you — free of course!

    We now support dynamic DNS updates. This means that cable, DSL, or dial-up users can run a web site or other server from their home PC, even with a Dynamic IP address (using a DHCP server). By installing a small application on your computer that runs in the background, every time you get a different IP (if you reboot or need to reconnect to your ISP for example) the new IP will automatically be updated in your domain name's DNS settings.

    Currently there are applications for Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000, Unix, and a java servlet. Mac is not yet available, let us know if you need Mac, and we'll see if we can hussle it along. We can also offer you C++ code if you wish to build your own.

    * Whois Control
    You have full control over and can individualy edit your billing, tech, admin, and registrant whois information.

    * Auto-renewal
    This optional settings allows you to have peace of mind in knowing your domain will be renewed automatically without you needing to remember to do so.

    * Private Domain Listing
    You may request from us a free private domain proxy listing so your info is not displayed in the global whois database.

    Add-on services...
    The following services are offered for an additional charge.

    * POP3 Email Pack $20 / Year
    Our POP3 Email Pack will give you actual mailboxs on our mail server from which you can send and receive email using domain email addresses of your choosing. When using a POP3 mailbox, you may set up the account in any email client (such as Outlook Express or Eudora) to download and send your email or you may send and receive mail from any nearly anywhere in the world through the Webmail access. Webmail access works similar to Yahoo or Hotmail and you will access it by going to webmailaccess.yourdomain.com in any browser. You can create seperate logins for different email boxes if you wish to offer them to fiends, family, partners, or clients.

    Please open a service support ticket if you are interested in purchasing POP3 Email Pack. A demo is also available on request.

    Coming Soon...
    The following services will be added shortly and made available to you free of charge unless indicated with a $.

      * Domain Map
      The Name My Map option is for convenience when you need to give directions to your friends, family and business associates. You will have the ability to create a map to your home or business and access it by typing in map.youname.com.

      * Domain Phone
      This service will supply you with an online interface which can be accessed by your friends, family and business associates by typing in a simple URL (ex. phone.myname.com). This interface will allow the user to type in a message and send it directly to your mobile telephone. All major phone providers will be supported such as: Nextel, Sprint PCS, Verizon, AT&T Wireless, VoiceStream, Cingular, and others. This option is designed for people who require a quick and easy mode of communication when not available through other channels such as email or voice message.

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