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Usernames are 4-16 letters or numbers. Your username is not your domain name or your email address. You chose a username when you created your account and it can be found in the welcome email we sent you. The email receipts you received for domain purchases mention your username but it may have "2ya" appended to it. We do this for accounting reasons. If you find a domain receipt with your username (a.k.a login name), simply discard the "2ya" on the end.

If you can not locate your username, then you can contact us and let us know which domain(s) you own so we may look it up. If you do not own any domains yet, then we may be able to look it up according to email address. You are also free to create a new account if you wish.

If you have lost your password you may retrieve it here.

If you are a ShortURL subdomain user, you are at the wrong site. Visit ShortURL.com to edit your account.

Return to try Log-in again.

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