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If you have a free website provider, your address looks something like this:

If you would rather an address like this:

then you can either purchase a domain name with your free website provider (if they offer this, it is often expensive) or you can purchase one through us and have complete control over your domain at a great price with loads of features.

URL Forwarding allows you to forward your domain name to any URL you choose. You can also create subdomains (something.yourdomain.com) and forward them to specific URLs. Our URL forwarding is feature loaded and included free with every domain.

Independence & Flexibility
If you ever wish to change website providers in the future (and you might!) then you can simply login to your account with us and update the forwarding URL or assign it name servers. Instantly, your domain will be forwarded to the new location of your choice. This is great if you grow tired of your website provider and want to change to another or get paid webhosting somewhere and wish to point your domain to their Name Servers. You always have the same web address so you wont loose any traffic in the switch! And if you've set up email for yourself or friends, it's independent of your webhost and continues working even if you don't have a webhost.

Features Galore!
2Ya's URL Forwarding comes with all the bells and whistles.
Learn about them.

Compare our Value
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Top Level Domains
with 2Ya u can register:

Domain Transfers
Already own a domain? Transfer it for $14.95 and take advantage of our services.
(Includes 1 Year Extension.)

Domain Benefits
Domain ownership has tremendous benefits. We've outlined the top reasons you should act fast. Click Here

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