Drop Report
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As of November 30th, domain drop is back.

Every day thousands of domain names expire because the owner has forgotten to pay, can't afford to, or doesn't want the name anymore. There are some fantastic and highly valuable names that expire and we provide you the list. We offer today's and historical lists; real gems can be found in each.

Dropped domains are available to be registered immediately, but you must act fast as many will be taken quickly.

If you see a domain you want then click it to see if it is available. If so, then purchase it immediately — every minute counts as the competition is thick in the expired domain business. Other companies offer such lists to the public (although many charge a fee).

TIP: check back daily for the next drop list (around 2:00PM PST).
TIP: 3 letter domains are very rare, you probably won't find any. However 3 character domains (letters and numbers) get dropped daily and are often valuable. A name like ours "2Ya.com" can sell for thousands in auction. 4 letter domain names are rare but still dozens get dropped daily (and go fast). These are worth getting if you like the arrangement of letters. Some form great acronyms, clever pronunciations, or are just plain catchy. The shortness has real value.

Other domains that have high value are those that have commercial or branding appeal. Dictionary words and popular keywords also make for a great domain name. One of our staff member�s used this very tool awhile back, to find and purchase these three names �hereweb.com�, �ebored.com� and �inhits.com� which aren�t to shabby. Keep a look out, you may find domains that you want to use for yourself, or believe have resell value.

TIP: Some domains were once existing websites and are still linked to from other sites, which means free traffic if you register it! You can search for a particular domain name on google.com, and they will tell you if any other sites have links to or contain the words of that domain.