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Coming Soon to a Control Panel near you...
The following services will be added soon and made available to you free of charge unless otherwise indicated with a $. Expect to see this list expand as we and our technology partners pioneer new services.

* POP3 Email Pack $
Our POP3 Email Pack will give you an actual mailbox on our mail server from which you can send and receive email using domain email addresses of your choosing. It is not necessary to have an existing email account with your ISP or web host in order to use this service. When using a POP3 mailbox, you may set up the account in any email client (such as Outlook Express or Eudora) to download and send your email or you may send and receive mail from any nearly anywhere in the world through the Webmail access. Webmail access works similar to Yahoo or Hotmail and you will access it by going to webmailaccess.yourdomain.com in any browser. You can create seperate logins for different email boxes if you wish to offer them to fiends, family, partners, or clients.

  • Offers a higher degree of versatility for your email needs.
  • Highly competitive price of $20.00 for 10 email boxes per domain per year (that's $2 a year per email box!).
  • Maximize your domain's visibility.
  • No advertising.
  • Permanent and professional identity.
  • Easily add and manage your users. (No waiting periods)

* Domain Phone
This service will supply you with an online interface which can be accessed by your friends, family and business associates by typing in a simple URL (ex. phone.myname.com). This interface will allow the user to type in a message and send it directly to your mobile telephone. All major phone providers will be supported such as: Nextel, Sprint PCS, Verizon, AT&T Wireless, VoiceStream, Cingular, and others. This option is designed for people who require a quick and easy mode of communication when not available through other channels such as email or voice message.

* Domain Map
The Name My Map option is for convenience when you need to give directions to your friends, family and business associates. You will have the ability to create a map to your home or business and access it by typing in map.youname.com.

* Dynamic IP Updater
A utility for those individuals running a website from their home/office computer using the IP address assigned by their ISP as their website address. Since your IP address usually changes when you reconnect to your ISP, it can be a real hassle to login and update your URL forwarding or DNS IP pointing information to reflect the change of your IP address. We are developing a small program that will run in the background on your computer (in the system tray for example) which will automatically send the command to update your domain pointing configuration when your IP address changes.

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