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Here are just a few reasons why you should act fast and become the proud owner of a domain name.

Independence & Flexibility
If you own a domain name, you gain independence and flexibility that only top level domains can provide. If your website provider gets more expensive, goes out of business, or slaps more ads on your free site, then a domain purchased from 2Ya.com gives you the freedom to choose another website provider and point your domain name there instantly. You can even create a backup mirror somewhere, waiting incase of emergency. 2YA allows you to URL forward to any website URL or create DNS records to point it to an IP address, or assign your domain to resolve to a webhosts name servers. A redundant network of DNS servers propagate your domain over the Internet, so its always online waiting to send visitors anywhere you want.

With 2Ya (not true for all registrars!), if you've set up email for yourself or friends, it also is independent of your webhost and continues working even if you don't have a webhost. Never change your email address again! Your domain name is yours and nobody can take it away from you (unless there is a trademark dispute, ie. registering a name like mickymouse.com).

Recognition & Appearance
Let's face it, a domain name looks sharp and professional. You are instantly put on the same playing field as major sites like google.com. Visitors are more trusting of websites with domain names and are more apt to remember the address of your website, bookmark it or tell it to friends. Other sites are more willing to link to you and search engines often rank you higher. A domain name has value not just monetarily but as an identity. By building a name for yourself, over time it's value becomes immeasurable as name recognition grows.

Domain ownership vs URL Redirection Services
If you currently use a URL Redirection service that provides you with an address like: yourname.theirname.com or theirdomain.com/yourname , allow us to explain the benefits of making the small investment and getting your own domain. URL Redirection services can be great, in fact we pioneered the concept with our site ShortURL.com which has been running for many years now.

However these services have limitations. Should a redirection service; go out of business (we have seen many), get overloaded with traffic, God forbid their server crashes, place advertisements on your address, or someone accuses you of spamming -- then you have some serious problems. They are the owners of the domain you are using. You can't change redirection providers as you are entirely dependent upon their domain. Their sites domain is also branded as part of your site, which doesn't look nearly as good as your own domain name. If they provide you with email forwarding, you also risk the loss of that established address at any time.

We maintain multiple domain name servers located at different locations throughout the United States. Each of these locations has multiple high-bandwidth Internet connections, battery or diesel generator back-up power, security, and access to three different major Internet backbones. These dispersed, redundant name servers give 2Ya the ability to always delegate your domains, with no interruptions in service. We have gone to great lengths to make sure at least one of our name servers is up at all times.

If you are ever unhappy with our service, you are always free to move your domain name to any other registrar, anytime. Registering a domain name with us gets you a suite of services that no URL Redirection service can provide. Registering a domain with 2Ya is not just a step up from URL Redirection, it's a whole new level.

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